Why Us?
Home Dorm student residence is set on a 1200m2 area and depending on preference, rooms are designed as single and double. All kinds of social and cultural facilities including market and sports our facilities are within reach.

Periodic cleaning of the dormitory rooms is done by our experienced staff and twice a week a change of linen is provided.

Closed circuit camera systems around the facility is kept under control and monitored by security personnel 24 hours, everyday.

Emergency generators, hot water, air-conditioning systems in every room and all-round security is intended to make you feel at home in our dormitory.

Our dorm is in a separate location than other EMU dormitories, near the western gate. Girls and Boys dormitories are in separate blocks.

Accommodation to parents of resident students can be provided during their visit by us on a discounted price.

Let Us Call You
Eastern Mediterranean University Campus, Dormitories Zone
Tel: +90 (392) 444 23 44     Fax: +90 (392) 365 30 71
GSM: +90 (533) 856 44 23
e-Mail: info@dauogrenciyurtlari.com
Welcome party into the second semester was held on the 2nd  of february, and it turned out to be huge event for us and our residents.

A range of foreign students from different countries participated in the fun , with different activities including place animations, playstation competition, dance and in gifts which were handed to to individuals.
2018-2019 akademik yılı erken kayıtlarımız başlamıştır. İndirimli fiyatlardan yararlanmak için bize ulaşın.